About vegan style, a vegan shoe store in Melbourne, Australia.

Aesthetics x Ethics

Born in Melbourne in 2010, Vegan Style was founded from a passion to bring people stylish footwear and accessories, without compromising animal welfare, ethical production or environmental sustainability.

With a commitment to slow, responsible fashion, we seek out high-quality, well-made vegan products that are designed to last.

In our store you can find a large, curated range of the best vegan shoes, bags and accessories for men and women, by vegan fashion brands from around the world. Including:


We also stock vegan accessories (vegan handbags, briefcases, backpacks, belts & wallets), vegan cruelty-free cosmetics and more.

You can visit us in our boutique on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (one of Australia’s hottest vegan destinations), or shop our online store 24/7.

Our Mission

To provide beautiful vegan fashion to the ethical consumer. To demonstrate that cruelty-free fashion can be stylish and attractive.

Our Merit

We ensure all our vegan shoes, accessories and other products are free of animal components, which includes glues and dyes. We know what makes a truly vegan shoe. here.

Our Promise

We will deliver high-quality, fashionable, vegan shoes and vegan accessories to the conscious consumer. Our products are made from the highest-quality vegan leathers.

Our Impact

We only partner with brands that are all-vegan, rather than ones that produce a vegan line but primarily produce non-vegan products. Our partners must also pay their workers a fair wage.

Step inside our store: Vegan Style interview with Big Review TV

Meet some of the VS team



Our fabulous shop manager and long-time animal rights advocate. If you've visited our Fitzroy store, you may have met Tanya with her resident shop pup Caspar.



Our marketing & content manager, with a passion for ethical, sustainable & cruelty-free fashion.



Provides strategy, guidance and IT support.



Muse, head designer and quality controller of our house brand, Zette Shoes.


JUSTIN - Founder


"From the time I was a young child, I have had a strong empathy for animals. I remember going on a family fishing trip and being devastated when I saw a caught fish being allowed to flop around gasping for water and then cruelly stabbed

To my six-year old self, I saw the light of a beautiful creature extinguished. In my mind the fish was a little person who was someone's loved one-- someone's family member. After that experience, I could no longer eat fish and to this day, sea food repulses me and I won't even eat mock sea food."

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